Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tom Gist - One Of A Kind [Mixtape]

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Props to Eskay!

1.Tom Gist - Intro
2.Tom Gist - Superstar
3.Tom Gist - Warm It Up
4.Tom Gist - Tru Music 16
5.Tom Gist - Gist Checks In
6.Tom Gist - Members & Friends
7.Tom Gist - Guttaman (Freestyle)
8.Tom Gist - Robin’ & Stealin’
9.Tom Gist - Gist Checks In
10.Tom Gist Ft. Cam’ron - Kill My Dog
11.Tom Gist Ft. Cam’ron, Sin & Bezel - This Is Gangsta (Remix)
12.Tom Gist Ft. Phaze, Ali & Mizz - Go Hard
13.Tom Gist - Think Out Loud
14.Tom Gist - Gist Checks In
15.Tom Gist - We Can Make It
16.Tom Gist Ft. S.A.S. - Anywhere
17.Tom Gist Ft. Geolani, St. Laz & Chozen Few - Free
18.Tom Gist - Computer Love (Freestyle)
19.Tom Gist - Why?
20.Tom Gist Ft. Dinero - Clap
21.Tom Gist - Love The Loot
22.Tom Gist - Stillmatic (H.O.O.D.)
23.Tom Gist Ft. Ransom - Nobody
24.Tom Gist - I’m Sick
25.Tom Gist - One Of A Kind
26.Tom Gist - I Wanna Win27.Tom Gist - What I Do
28.Tom Gist - Dramasetterz (Freestyle)
29.Tom Gist Ft. Zaki & Arowbe - Once Upon A Time
30.Tom Gist - One Wish
31.Tom Gist - Watching Every Day Go Bye
32.Tom Gist Ft. Penz - My Eyes
33.Tom Gist - Whats Love?
34.Tom Gist - Freestyle
35.Tom Gist - Dedication
36.Tom Gist - Creep Story
37.Tom Gist - What If?
38.Tom Gist Ft. Blinks & Ed James - My Rhymes
39.Tom Gist - Robocop
40.Tom Gist - Wake Up
41.Tom Gist Ft. Mahdi - Drama
42.Tom Gist - Ditty Bop
43.Tom Gist Ft. Seven, Bathgate & Arty Clay - Stop
44.Tom Gist Ft. Choir Boy & Devlaree - Hold On
45.Tom Gist - I Can leave Now
46.Tom Gist - Outro

Download: Tom Gist - One Of A Kind [Mixtape]

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