Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hottest N*igga Under The Sun: Buck'd Up!

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The homie Buck Marley worked his magic on the recent Lil Wayne mixtape "The Hottest Nigga Under The Sun", he basically cut out all the annoying features on the tape and left just Lil Wayne...

01. Prom Queen
02. My Name Is
03. New Orleans Maniac
04. Thank You
05. Filet Mignone
06. Yes
07. Hello World
08. Attention
09. Blow My Mind
10. Skull Gang
11. Murder
12. Ay Man
13. Lets Get It
14. Not Love
15. Got Me A
16. Yeahhh
17. Swagger
18. Move
19. Piano Man
20. Rockstar
21. War
22. Blame It
23. Beep Beep
24. Too Fly
25. Clear My Throat
26. Wut U Tryna Do For

Download Here:
Lil Wayne - The Hottest Nigga Under The Sun [Buck'd Up Edition]

Download Here:

Better Than This

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I previously posted this with annoying DJ tags all over and now i present you the No DJ version...

T.I. - Better Than This [Prod. P.Diddy] [No DJ]

Young Money World...

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Even more Wayne, this one is off of DJ 31 Degreez's recent Lil Wayne tape...Has some DJ drops on it..Props to HIF

Lil Wayne - Young Money World

Get Money...

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The Silverback Gorilla and A.P. tackle Akon's "I'm So Paid' instrumental and rip it...Props to Splash!

Turn My Swag On..

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Now this is how it's supposed to be done..First, Soulja Boy failed, then Jim Jones failed but then Loso did this track a favor and blessed it...Loso's Way comin soon!

Trap Music...

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Here's some songs that were featured on Trap-A-Holic's recent mixtape, I'm not too sure about the authenticity of the Ludacris song though, the Rick Ross verse sounds familiar...And there's plenty of annoying DJ drops on these songs...

T.I. - Better Than This [Prod. P.Diddy]

Get Away...

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I think this might be the first single off of Tyga's upcoming album, not too sure though.. Lloyd does his thing on this record..check it out..

Philly Gettin Money...

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Cassidy, Akbar & Shiz Lansky spit over some old school soundin beat, I'm guessin Cassidy is gonna be comin out with either an album or a mixtape soon because of the recent release of music by him...

Friday, January 30, 2009

Pray IV Reign...

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Finally, a Jimmy song i like...Him & Rell always make good songs when they link up..Pray IV Reign comin March 24th..props to the NMC

Jim Jones Ft. NOE & Rell - Pray IV Reign

Even More!?!?

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Sick of Lil Wayne yet? Didn't think so..well thank the NMC for lettin these 3 joints loose...

Lil Wayne - Around The Way Girl
Lil Wayne Ft Mack Maine & T-Streets - Road Block
Lil Wayne - Not Love

Lupe Ain't Done Yet...

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From the looks of things, Lupe isn't quite ready to leave the rap game... He's still coming out with the 3 albums in the next year in a half though, just a different title...Here's what he said on his site...

Due to circumstances beyond my control...the album roll out has changed radically...LUPE.N.D. has been postponed indefinitely!!!

As a matter of fact consider it cancelled until further notice!!!

Sorry Guys & Gals!!!!...the rumor mill and bitch ass cowards are going to have a field day with this one!!!...I'll just keep quiet about the actual reasoning so everybody can put their very special two cents in... what now???

Actually an album is still coming in June...Thats Right!!!...Drum Roll Please...


Yeah thats the new title...

want the tracklist?


1. Song #1
2. Song #2
3. Song #3
4. Song #4
5. Song #5
6. Song #6
7. Song #7
8. Song #8
9. Song #9
10. Song #10
11. The Greatest Rap Song Ever Made

No B.S.

See ya'll in June and again in December and again next June...

LupE.N.D. right after that...when the liberation comes!!!...

also JAPANESE CARTOON "IN THE JAWS OF THE LORDS OF DEATH" drops the same day as "THE GREAT AMERICAN RAP ALBUM"...Matthew Santos this spring...oh yeah...FNF UP!!!

I hate the music business...but I love music...Grammy's Here We Come!!!

Gone In The Mornin...

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Some unreleased Young Buck featuring Trey Songz... This was supposed to be a single for whatever project, but ended up gettin rejected...Props to Shake...

Young Buck Ft. Trey Songz - Gone In The Morning


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Fat Joe & Akon hook up and the end result is this banger... Akon kills this shit...Props to DJ AG...

Fat Joe Ft Akon - One

Turn The Tables...

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Another song has leaked off the Big Mike mixtape..This one is Ciara & Chris brown over some Danja production..This song is off her upcoming album entitled Fantasy Ride...

Ciara Ft. Chris Brown - Turntables [Prod. Danja]


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Trey is killin em..I personally think he makes the songs better when he re-does them, with the exception of a few...This time around he drops two bangers..

Trey Songz - Day N Nite
Trey Songz - Bad Newz

Yes Sir..

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Raekwon & Ghostface hook up once again and bring along the west-coast king Crooked I, who rips it, this songs crazy...

Raekwon Ft. Ghostface & Crooked I - Yes Sir

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lil Wayne & Co.

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Too much Wayne has dropped today lol, you can thank Splash for these three records...All are Lil Wayne & Co., And the song Every Girl is the first single of the Young Money album...

Lil Wayne Ft. Gudda Gudda - New Orleans Maniac
Lil Wayne Ft. Jae Millz & Mack Maine - Thank You
Lil Wayne Ft. Drake, Mack Maine, Gudda Gudda & Jae Millz - Every Girl [Prod. Tha Bizness]


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This dude's gonna be a problem... He stays comin with that heat, these two joints are bangin... I highly advise you to atleast give them a listen...

Breez - Big Money
Breez - Best Kept Secret

Street Life...

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Some new Ghost courtesy of Shake, its a chill joint, check it out...

Styles P Ft. Tre Williams - Street Life

Renaisance Rap..

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Q-Tip goes all out on this remix..He brings Busta, Raekwon & Lil Wayne on this remix to his already dope song...Shouts to Buck for the bonus..

Q-Tip Ft. Busta Rhymes, Raekwon & Lil Wayne - Renaissance Rap (Remix)
Lil Wayne - Renaissance Rap (Verse)

Rock Star...

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The mythical album, I Can't Feel My Face might actually drop... A lot of Wayne/Juelz songs has been leaking lately and i ain't complaining. This one features Skull Gangs R&B singer Starr, and I'm also adding Juelz recent remix to the hit song Blame It by Jamie Foxx & T-Pain...

Juelz Santana & Lil Wayne Ft. Starr - Rock Star
Juelz Santana - Blame It (Remix)


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I figured i'd post this right after the last post because of obviose similarites..J.R. Writer is gettin ready to drop his next project CineCrack March 31st, so be on the lookout for that...

J.R. Writer - My President Is Black Freestyle

Mr. 17.5...

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Is Jeezy takin shots at Bill O'reilly & Dennis Miller? I think it'd be funnier if he clowns Billy on his on show than make a song about it..Same Hov verse, new Jeezy verse..Hopefully Jeezy is still droppin another remix to this with all the other people he was talkin about before...

Young Jeezy Ft. Jay-z - My President (Remix)
Ciara Ft. Young Jeezy - Echo (Remix)

Radio Killa...

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We get the official Def-Jam allstar remix with Fabolous, Juelz Santana, Rick Ross & Ludacris..Wow, that's an expensive remix lol...As a bonus I'm adding a track The-Dream just did with Rihanna, No DJ version of course...

The-Dream Ft Fabolous, Juelz Santana, Rick Ross & Ludacris - Rockin That Shit (Remix)
Rihanna Ft. The-Dream - Hatin On The Club [No DJ]

From The Heart...

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Is this dude signed yet? Blu drops impeccable verses every time he spits, I'm sure he'll blow up soon enough..

Deep Rooted Ft. Blu - From The Heart

Tight Pants Are For Girls...

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Some real talk over a smooth Premier joint... Termanology always comes correct when he spits over a Premier beat, they make a good duo [II]... I just feel he should of did a different topic over a beat like this...

Termanology - Tight Pants Are For Girls
[Prod. DJ Premier]

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


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Cory Gunz hops on CNN's single "Rotate" and rips it...Props to OnSmash...

Cory Gunz - Rotate Freestyle

1, 2 Combo...

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The homie Breez just sent me this song he did with his boy C.No, it's got them goin back and forth, tradin bars, like the old school Jadakiss & Styles P...The beats dope and the bars are even doper...check it out...

Breez & C.No - 1,2 Combo

Chill Joint..

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Some new heat from the DMV representative Deron...I'm really feelin this song.. Check out Deron's myspace here

Deron - Chill Joint

Young Money Hospital

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Some more new Lil' Wayne, damn this dude really does live in the studio...This is off of a DJ Scoob Doo mixtape, hence the obnoxious tags...The original version had Gudda Gudda on it but thanks to Buck Marley, this just has Lil Wayne...

Lil Wayne - Young Money Hospital [DJ Tags]

Get Your Shoes On...

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I know his appearance may turn some of you off from his music, but this dude has sold more records than most rappers out...This song is off the the soundtrack of the upcoming movie called "Our Heroes: The 25 Best Black Sports Movies (Ever)"

Tech N9ne Ft Krizz Kaliko - Get Your Shoes On

Letter To Stack

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I've been waiting for someone to do a letter to Stack Bundles, and who's better to do it than Riot Squad's Chinx Drugz.. This song seemed real therapeutic to him, so check it out...

Chinx Drugz - Letter to Stack [R.I.P.]

All The Above..

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Brooklyn's future is lookin real bright right now, we got Jay comin, Fab comin, and now Maino's got himself a huge song...I can see the similarities between this and T.I.'s Live Your Life, but this song is less annoying..Hopefully Maino gets to release his album soon cause i've been lookin forward to it for a while now...

Maino Ft T-Pain - All The Above [Prod. Just Blaze]

Criminology Pt.2

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The chemistry between these 2 is undeniable...This song is classic, it's got that old school rap vibe too it...OB4CL2 coming April 7th..

Raekwon & Ghostface Killah - Criminology Pt.2

Lil Mama's A Diva...

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I guess Lil Mama decided the rapper route isn't workin for her, so she decided to switch it up and become a singer..This isn't a freestyle over Beyonce's song either in case you were wondering...

Lil Mama - I'm a Diva

Big Money Bounce...

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According to Andrew over at FSD, this is the first leak off of Berg's upcoming album... I doubt he's gonna be able to land a release date after all the L's he's been taking but who knows...

Yung Berg Ft Big Law - Big Money Bounce

Don't Ya Dare Laugh...

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Cypress Hill's representative B-Real is cooking up some crack for his upcoming album Smoke N Mirrors scheduled to drop February 24th...He remixes his already hot track Don't Ya Dare Laugh and brings along Mr. X to the Z, Xzibit...Glad to see X is still doin his thang after all he's been through in the past year...

B-Real Ft. Xzibit & Young De - Don't Ya Dare Laugh (Remix)

Jadakiss - Letter To B.I.G. (Video)

Turn My Swag On...

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Jimmy's tryin hard to build a buzz for his album but nothin seems to be what does he do? Jumps on a Soulja Boy beat lol... Atleast this song is better than original, even though its only like a minute and a half long...Shouts to OS

Jim Jones - Turn My Swag On

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mick Boogie Presents U-N-I - Before There Was Love (Mixtape)

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Finally! Illroots & 2dopeboyz let this beast of a mixtape off it's leash and it's well worth the wait...If you aint heard of U-N-I then I advise you to download this mixtape, its dope as hell...I'm too lazy to make my own link for it so im jackin Shake & Meka's, thanks...


1. Mick Boogie Intro
2. Cali Soul f/ Shawn Jackson and Hope (prod. by Dibia$e)
3. See LA f/ Damani (prod. by Faahz)
4. Cast’ Em Out (prod. by Dibia$e)
5. The Press Play Show Interlude Part 1
6. On Tour f/ Bambu (prod. by Ro Blvd)
7. Think About It f/6th Sense & Vandalyzm (prod. by 6th Sense)
8. Half Off f/ Evidence
9. Run Son f/ El Prez, 310, C-San, & Casey Veggies (prod. by Ro Blvd)
10. Stakes is High (prod. by 6th Sense)
11. The Press Play Show Interlude Part 2
12. Beautiful Day Remix f/ Big Pooh, Evidence, Aloe Blacc, Kes Kaos, Mickey Factz, Fashawn, & Theo (prod. by Dibia$e))
13. Yesterday (prod. by Ski Team)
14. Hey Neighbor (prod. by Ro Blvd)
15. Wildin’ f/ Chen Lo & Tunji (prod. by Ro Blvd)
16. The Press Play Show Interlude Part 3
17. Castle Vee Re-Up f/ Black Milk (prod. by Dibia$e)
18. Arcade Fly Remix f/ Wildabeast, 6th Sense, Buff1, Donny Goines, Fashawn
19. Night Nurse (prod. by Cook Classics)
20. Relax f/ Fashawn (prod. by FredNukes)
21. Return f/Talib Kweli (prod. by Bannon)
22. Mainstream Consumers f/ Free Speech & Bambu (prod. by Ro Blvd)
23. Monster f/ Shawn Jackson (prod. by Jaguar Skills)
24. Vitamin B f/ CurT@!n$ (prod. by Bannon)
25. The Press Play Show Interlude Part 4
26. Start My Day f/ H.O.P.E. (prod. by Ro Blvd)
27. Herb f/Co$$ & Bad Lucc (prod. by Ro Blvd)

Download Here: Mick Boogie Presents U-N-I - Before There Was Love

Rockin That Shit...

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Once again, The-Dream & Loso link up to make an already hot song even better...I dont think I've ever heard one wack verse from Fabolous, This dude always comes correct on his features...Be on the lookout for Loso's Way coming sooner than you think!

The-Dream Ft. Fabolous - Rockin That Shit

Holy Matrimony...

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Ehhh...Sometimes unreleased music should stay that,unreleased...This song isnt that good, i dont know if this is gonna be on his upcoming mixtape or not but it's weak lol but it's still better than most of the shit that been droppin...And just for the record i fuck with dudes music, i aint a hater

Lloyd Banks - Holy Matrimony

On and On...

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N.O.R.E. is back with a new single off of his upcoming album S.O.R.E. , this time around he's hooked up with Sean Kingston on the hook and the end result aint that bad...check it out

N.O.R.E. Ft. Sean Kingston - On and On [Prod. Hazardis Soundz]

Street Mobbin...

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Just like my dude Fene said, I ain't heard it before so it's new to me..This supposedly dropped last week off of a Big Mike mixtape so you know it's got those annoying ass drops, but new Hov & Jeezy is well worth it...

Young Jeezy & Jay-z - Street Mobb
[DJ Drops]

N.A.S.A. Music x The Mayor

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I don't know how these dudes get these epic line-ups but props to them...I've been feeling every song thats leaked off their up-coming album Spirit Of Apollo which is dropping Febuary 27th by the way...

N.A.S.A. Ft. The Cool Kids, Ghostface Killah, Scarface & DJ AM - The Mayor
N.A.S.A. Ft. Method Man, E-40 & DJ Swamp - N.A.S.A. Music

Rap Cemetary

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Damn, this joint's serious...Not too sure where this song is gonna end up on, probably I Can't Feel My Face...Has some minor NMC tags, I'm also adding the official No DJ version of Lil Wayne's song Hot Revolver as a bonus...

Juelz Santana & Lil Wayne - Rap Cemetary [NMC Tags]
Lil Wayne - Hot Revolver [Official No DJ]

Stupid Money...

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If my memory serves me correct, wasn't Young Buck crying to Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson on how he was broke not too long ago? Well, anyways Young Buck has not dropped one bad song since he's left G-Unit and this is no exception...It would be better if it was just Young Buck but whatever...I'm also not too sure that Blood Raw is in this song at all, but 2dopeboyz has it posted that he is, in fact, in it but regardless, major props to Shake..

Young Buck Ft. Jimmie Hoffa & Bloodraw - Stupid Money


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This is how a R&B record should be made, people should start takin notes from Casely. Dude has a lot of potential to be big, he just needs the right promotion.

Casely - Ripple

Warning Shots...

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If your still sleeping on this dude, then its time to wake up...Nino Bless airs out the industry on this track, you should definitely give it a listen...

Nino Bless - Hate In Ya Blood (Warning Shots) Freestyle

When The Money Goes...

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Don't worry this isn't on BP3, It's just a leftover from American Gangster...I can tell why this didn't make the final cut. I'm not saying it's a bad song but it ain't album quality. Still good to have for the Jay-z collection though...Props to Shake

Jay-z - When The Money Goes
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